The human adult body is made up of between 60 to 70% water; a poetic reminder of our journey as a species, from stardust to oceanic creatures to highly evolved Homo sapiens. All along, the ocean has held us in its collective sway.

Bodies of water; the sea, the ocean, bays and rivers; these have shaped the legacies of the greatest wine regions in the world. The soils found there, the influence of saline breezes, diurnal swings that provide ripening grapes a much needed rest; all of these are because the vine and the ocean will forever be intertwined in a dynamic, oftentimes invisible balletic grip.

We would like to think that our wines carry within them the story of the Pacific Ocean and its attendant bays and estuaries throughout Northern California.

There is an undeniable oceanic quality to all of them; a suggestion of seaweed, umami and saline.

The ocean also calls to us when we find ourselves in need of some rumination, quiet time, and meditation. When we’re not in the cellar or in the vineyard, we are out at the water’s edge. All that we are here at Chamboule is inseparable from the influence of our Mother; the Pacific Ocean.